Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer of Murph Cont'd

In all the years I have been in the workplace, I have been waiting to get an invite to a golf tournament on behalf of the company.  During this insanely busy period of time, guess who finally got an invite and had to turn it down today?

Clubs still in the trunk,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer of Murph

I am writing this entry as I sit outside my office on the back end of a 13 hour day.  The thought of jumping on the subway right away and not being outside at all today was driving me crazy.  I wore sunglasses to work this morning… don’t need them heading home.  This guy over here got himself a job where the peak time of year is the 4 weeks that run between the mid-points of July and August.  Where was this information in the job posting?  I would much rather spend my free time up to my eyeballs dealing with crappy planning systems then out with friends enjoying the nicest part of the year in this country.  This also explains why the posts have been infrequent.  Something that will be rectified once I am on the other side of the tunnel.
You might say, “I’m sure you’re not alone in this predicament.”  And I am sure you are correct.  But I have been proactive this year to try and avoid the long hours as much as possible.  I am currently dealing with a new system (the 2nd new system in 2 years built to do the same task, just for the record) and guess who is the only one having input problems?  Guess who no one seems to be able to help out in terms of solving this problem?  Guess who’s efforts to get ahead of the game were all for not, due to something that is completely out of his control?  Chalk another one up for the universe…  I would hate to actually see the scoreboard.
Well, at least there’s coffee.  I went over to the coffee shop across the street today and brought my mug, because being green is everyone’s responsibility.  I ordered a medium coffee.  The server then went over to the drip container, grabbed a disposable cup, filled it, poured it into my mug and then proceeded to throw out the disposable cup.   She walked back to the counter and handed my mug to me as though the look I was giving her was not one that said, “that was the most ludicrous thing I have ever seen in my life”.

Doing my part,